Legal Assistance in Real Estate Matters


Osborne Law Firm has extensive experience in a variety of real estate matters involving title, real estate transactions, real estate fraud, quiet title, partition, liens, broker disputes and easements. Mr. Osborne recently obtained a published opinion in 2017 in Hinrichs v. Melton 11 Cal.App 5th 516, 2018 Cal.Rptr.3d 13 involving an equitable easement and easement by necessity. More recently, in January 2019 Mr. Osborne won a contentious, hard fought trial in Los Angeles County entitled Luzuriaga v. Kirch, Case No. EC063836. In that case, Mr. Osborne obtained for his client an easement by implication, easement by necessity, equitable easement and an injunction prohibiting further interference with his client’s rights. Osborne Law Firm is somewhat unique in that it offers contingency fee representation in certain real estate matters. Please call for a free consultation.