Representing Personal Injury Victims


Personal injury generally involves automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle and boat accidents. However, California law also provides for recovery for almost all negligent and intentional conduct that results in injury. This includes premises liability, such as slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, elder abuse, sexual abuse and products liability.

Automobile accidents, for instance, cause a death every 12 to 15 minutes and injure more than 2.5 million people every year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Nearly half of those injured come away with life altering disabilities including orthopedic injuries, amputations, brain damage and paralysis. For those injured and their family members, we provide experienced, aggressive and tenacious representation. Osborne Law Firm provides services from the onset, including assistance with obtaining appropriate healthcare, settlement negations, mediation and arbitration, through trial and appeals.

Osborne Law Firm has obtained millions of dollars for our clients in personal injury cases. Mr. Osborne has successfully prosecuted personal injury and wrongful death claims in auto accidents, train accidents, and forest fires against such parties as Amtrak, Metrolink and Pacific Gas & Electric. Osborne Law Firm handles all cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we charge no fee unless we win. We advance all costs, so it generally costs you nothing to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Please call for a free consultation.