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  • If you want things done aggressively and effective i would strongly recommend him.

    I can honestly say that he is an amazing person, there are a lot of shady lawyers out there and he is not one of them.He defended me and my family very well in a law suit against CHP. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for us and he was always available to me 24/7. don't have one complaint about him or his staff I can honestly say that. Was very knowledgeable and professional, if you want things done aggressively and effective i would strongly recommend him.

  • He leaves no stone unturned!

    Brian Osborne is a HIGHLY SKILLED lawyer with the power of many years of experience. He is an amazingly DETAILED RESEARCHER and will cross examine your opponents and their lawyers so they are left speechless. He leaves NO STONE UNTURNED. On top of that Brian is an EXEMPLARY human being. As a client of his my experience is that he has a keen understanding of people and is sincerely EMPATHETIC. Brian has a STRONG INTELLECT and has demonstrated that he is able to successfully take on cases that are not regularly in his area of expertise and even then defeat his opponents. I am forever grateful for the PROFESSIONAL help and guidance of Brian Osborne. When you seek Brian as your lawyer he will always go the extra mile. Choose Brian Osborne and you will most likely win your case!

  • By far the best attorney ever

    SO before I posted this I read all the reviews and there was one that someone rated him poorly and all I have to say is I was a former client of Brian A. Osborne and he has handled most of my cases. I have had a few cases already these past years and know him pretty well and all I have to say is Brian Osborne is by far the best attorney ever. He has a lot of knowledge and knows what he is talking about not like other attorneys not mentioning any names that don't know a lot about the law and does not know how to handle cases. Brian has helped me in litigation, personal injury, and discrimination. I have no mean words to say about this attorney and I suggest you consult with attorneys so you can see yourself I am not lying about him. See it yourself. Thank you

  • He worked very hard for me and I appreciate him immensely

    Brian Osborne litigated a complex business dispute for me with excellent results. I would recommend him to anyone. Very competent and industrious. He worked very hard for me and I appreciate him immensely.

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