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If your employer has failed to pay wages that you are owed, you need an aggressive and passionate employment lawyer in Ventura who will pursue justice on your behalf. Employers typically do not accurately and responsibly handle disputes over paychecks and hours worked, which is why retaining the services of an experienced Ventura employment law attorney as soon as possible may make the difference in the outcome of your specific situation. If your employer is not paying you the current minimum wage or has failed to pay wages in other circumstances, you may be liable to win compensation for your losses and our team at the Osborne Law Firm can help.

We assist clients disputing their employer's failure to pay wages for:

  • Hours worked overtime
  • Unpaid meal breaks
  • Training periods

There are specific time limits placed on employment law cases. If you have been the victim of illegal activity in the workplace including the failure to receive money that you are owed for your work, act swiftly. Our firm is proud to serve all of Southern California including Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo with comprehensive, knowledgeable, and passionate legal service.

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Hold employers accountable who have failed to pay wages you are owed. Our Ventura employment lawyer can sit down with you personally to discuss the details of your claim and educate you on the possible steps you can take moving forward. We want you to understand possible outcomes of litigating your case in the courtroom. You and your rights are important to us and we defend you until a successful resolution is achieved. Join our thousands of clients across Southern California who have navigated their claims successfully and reach out to our team at the Osborne Law Firm.

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